Reaching our STEMI quality management goals

It's a team sport

The evidence is clear:  EMS can make a difference in STEMI cases.  We accomplish this by being fast, efficient, and effective at the following:

  1. Identifying STEMIs
  2. Notifying the hospital that we have a STEMI patient
  3. Treating the patient as we move toward a STEMI Receiving Center
Our performance goals for these activities are shown here:


Our biggest challenge

Too often, we are not meeting our Ambulance Scene Time goal with STEMI patients.  Here's how we've performed over the last 20 months:

In fact, we would like to exceed the AHA goal.


How to do better

First, be aware of the goals shown in the above infographic.

Second, be patient with our technology limitations.  We know about them, and we're addressing them.

Third, be excellent at teamwork.  Use the techniques shown in the following short video:

Fifth, know how to Obtain a better 12-lead ECG:

Sixth, know which hospitals are STEMI Receiving Centers.  For us they are:
  • Virginia Beach General
  • Leigh
  • Chesapeake Regional

Seventh, document your STEMI cases carefully.  We can't show improvement if we're not documenting properly.  For instance:

  • Document all procedures and meds
  • Document the time the first 12-lead was performed


Delivering great care to STEMI patients is our common goal.  There's a lot to get right.  Please know your stuff!